Complete Family Dentistry

Dr. Brandon Hissong

A complete dentist is a dentist who can assess a patient’s entire oral cavity, not just the teeth. A complete dentist recognizes that the oral cavity is a gateway to the body. Dysfunction in the mouth can affect other parts of the body, and some systemic diseases can be manifested within the oral cavity. A complete care dentist strives to achieve healthy gums, healthy teeth, stable bites, comfortable TMJs, comfortable function, and optimum esthetics for their patients.

It is my mission to improve my patients’ quality of life by improving their oral health. I am committed to detecting, treating, and preventing oral diseases while creating maintainable, long-lasting, beautiful restorations in a gentle, caring, and non-judgemental atmosphere. I am committed to be a complete dentist.



Dr. Hissong is gladly accepting new patients and families into his dental practice. All new patients will receive a comprehensive dental exam. At this exam, we will take a full series of x-rays and photos and evaluate the gums, bone, teeth, and TMJ.

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Don S.

Dental conditions before and after Implant Retained Dentures

Kaylee L.

Dental conditions before and after Anterior Porcelain Crowns to corect a peg lateral.


Dental conditions before and temporary interim stage of Full Mouth Reconstruction



The WAND is a computer assisted anesthetic delivery system that enables Dr. Hissong to administer virtually painless single tooth anesthesia without the collateral numbness to the lips, cheeks, and tongue. This type of anesthesia is perfect for patients with anxiety or patients who have had trouble getting numb in the past. Patients are able to leave the office after a procedure without numbness and have full function of their lips and tongue.




Dr. Hissong is gladly accepting new patients and families into his dental practice. All new patients will receive a comprehensive dental exam. At this exam, we will take a full series of x-rays and photos and evaluate the gums, bone, teeth, and TMJ.

TMJ Therapy
Dental Implant Restorations
Sports Dentistry



I just had a wonderful experience at Dr. Hissong's. I lost part of a filling while on vacation and dreaded getting it fixed. Well.....as always the "wizard" got me in right away, replaced the filling with no pain and had me on my way in 15 minutes! I am so happy I found him and can be relaxed at my visits. THANK YOU! So glad you are in Monticello.

Lynn R.

Regular customer

I like going to the dentist! Yes, you heard me right. Brandon Hissong, DMD, and his friendly, efficient staff...Leeann, Miranda, Lisa and Samantha, have my complete trust. Why? Simply put, they care about the folks they serve. I like that about them. We all know that taking care of our teeth is important. But, it sure helps to have Dr. Hissong and company taking good care of us. Make your appointment to see them today and you will be glad you did. Smiles!

Kim M.

Regular customer

My family has been seeing Dr. Hissong since he opened his practice in Monticello and we always have wonderful visits every time we go. His staff is absolutely amazing and are always so kind and welcoming! Dr. Hissong has a calm and gentle chairside manner and his use of new modern technology allowed me to have a dental procedure done today without any anxiety, discomfort or lingering effects from the local anesthesia. It was by far the most pleasant dental experience I have had!

Jessica A.

Regular customer

When I had a dental emergency, I called Dr. Hissong’s office and was seen very quickly. Although I was anxious about going to a dentist, Dr. Hissong and his staff put me at ease and were all very efficient, caring, and compassionate. If you need a dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Hissong.

Barb H.

Regular customer

I have found nothing but kindness, caring and efficiency at Dr. Hissong's office. As a mother of three little boys 6, 3 and 5 1/2 months, it is so nice to find an office that will take the time to care for my boys while I'm getting my teeth cleaned! In addition they have been so great with our now 6 year old and 3 year old as they have started their twice-a-year visits. Even when both cried non-stop during some visits, they were kind and gentle and assured me that the crying was normal. I highly recommend his office to anyone in Monticello looking for a dentist.

Brittany A.

Regular customer

My children had extreme anxiety about visiting the dentist. Dr. Hissong and his staff were so kind, caring, and gentle. Dr. Hissong eased their anxiety and my children felt safe and secure. Due to their kindness and wonderful care, my children are no longer anxious when going to the dentist.

Amy D.

Regular customer

I like everything about him. He is a great guy and friendly. He has got a fantastic staff. He does quality work and has the latest technology equipment. Overall the end result, the facility, staff are all the top of line. I would recommend him to anybody.

Jim D.

Regular customer

I went to Dr. Hissong for the first time this week. The office is beautiful, very clean, and has the most current equipment. The receptionist might just be the nicest person to walk the earth. She was so very sweet. My hygienist was wonderful too. She was very gentle and thorough and she told me exactly what she was doing and why. It was just a great experience overall. Dr. Hissong was wonderful! He was very kind and talked to me throughout the exam. Best dentist experience BY FAR!

Anonymous from Healthgrades.com

Regular customer